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Modbury Parish Council Website

Current State

Plan made 30 March 2023

(Reg 5, 5a, 6 and 7)

Pre Submission

(Reg 14)

NB This Consultation is carried out by the Neighbourhood Plan Group. Please visit the Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Website for Responses.

Plan Proposal and Consultation

(Reg 15 and 16)

Formal submission of the plan to council and consultation. The consultation will run from 3rd August to 14th September ​2020. Please note the documents that form the evidence base to this plan are fully available on the Modbury Neighbourhood plan website. 


South Hams District Council have decided to reopen the consultation for a further six weeks period between Monday 5th October 2020 and Monday 16th  November 2020, due to an error in the previous consultation process.


As you will be aware the Modbury Neighbourhood Plan has been subject of two rounds of consultation, the second round ended on Monday 16th November 2017.

As a result of some consultation replies being received at the latter end of the above process, the Council has been requested to extend the consultation period to enable full consideration of these submissions to be made including comments upon them.

The Council consider this a reasonable request in the circumstances. As such the Regulation 16 consultation in respect of the Modbury Neighbourhood is extended until 21st December 2020.


The following correspondence was sent to the Examiner appointed to consider the Modbury Neighbourhood as such this Plan has been formally withdrawn for Examination.

"Dear Deborah,


I am writing to you following a meeting of the Parish Council last night, August 25th at which it was formally agreed to withdraw the Modbury Neighbourhood Plan from Examination and to resubmit in due course.


Notification of this will appear on the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan websites.


We thank you for your patience in extending the deadline in order to allow us time to reconsider our position.


Kind regards,


Ann Turner ,


On behalf of Modbury Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Group"


The consultation will run from 11 July 2022 until 22 August 2022. You can use the links below to view the documents, as well as submit or view comments once the consultation period has begun.

Revised Consultation Period:

Updated information supporting the evidence base of the plan has been provided to South Hams District Council. South Hams District Council is therefore extending the Consultation which is now 9 weeks between 11th July 2022 and 12th September 2022.

Emailed Responses:

(Reg 17 & 18)

The examiner for the Modbury Neighbourhood Plan is Deborah McCann.


The Modbury Neighbourhood Plan Referendum will take place on 9th March 2023.

(Reg 18a, 19 and 20)

Following a successful referendum, the Modbury Neighbourhood Plan was adopted  on 30th March 2023. It now forms part of the Development Plan for South Hams District Council and should be used in deciding planning applications within the Modbury Neighbourhood Area.

Please now refer to the Referendum version of the Plan. The plan can be viewed below and on the Modbury Parish Council website, and a hard copy can be viewed at the Modbury PC Parish Office, 2 Galpin Street, Modbury, PL21 0QA – by appointment with the Parish Clerk, Sally Smale (  Tel. 01548 830222).

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