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Milton Abbot,
Chillaton and Kelly

Current State

Plan made on 19 July 2022


For more information, please see the
MACK Plan Website

Designation (Reg 5, 5a, 6 and 7)

Pre Submission (Reg 14)

  • NB: This Consultation is carried out by the Neighbourhood Group. Please see MACK Plan Website for responses received.

The Reg 14 consultation took place between 23rd December 2020 and 20th February 2021

Appointment of Independent Examiner and Examination (Reg 17 & 18)

The examiner for Milton Abbott, Chillaton & Kelly Neighbourhood Plan is John Slater and was appointed in October 2021​

Examiners Questions

Answers to the Examiner's Questions from WDBC and the MACK Group:


The MACK Neighbourhood Plan Referendum was held on Thursday 23rd June 2022.

Decision (Reg 18a, 19 and 20)

Following a successful referendum, the Milton Abbot, Chillaton and Kelly Neighbourhood Plan was adopted at West Devon Borough Council Committee on 19th July 2022. It now forms part of the Development Plan for West Devon and should be used in deciding planning applications within the Milton Abbot, Chillaton and Kelly Neighbourhood Area.

Please now refer to the Referendum version of the Plan.

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