Bridestowe and Sourton

Ready to go to Referendum - 

For more information, please see the Bridestowe and Sourton Plan Website

Designation (Reg 5, 5a, 6 and 7)

Pre Submission (Reg 14)

​NB: This Consultation is carried out by the Neighbourhood Group. Please see the Bridestowe and Sourton Plan Website for responses received.

Plan Proposal and Consultation (Reg 15 and 16)

Formal Submission of the Plan and Consultation on that Plan. The consultation will run from from Monday 29th June and Monday 10th August 2020.

Appointment of Independent Examiner and Examination (Reg 17)

The Examiner for Bridestowe & Sourton Neighbourhood Plan is Barbara Maksymiw appointed in August 2020.

The Referendum in relation to the Bridestowe and Sourton Neighbourhood Plan will take plane on 12th August 2021. Full details can be found on the elections page