South Huish

Ready to go to Referendum - 6th May 2021


For more information, please see the South Huish Neighbourhood Plan Website

Designation (Reg 5, 5a, 6 and 7)

Pre Submission (Reg 14)

The Consultation ran from 2 December 2019 until 20 January 2020.

Plan Proposal and Consultation (Reg 15 and 16)

​The Consultation will run from 16 March to 27 April 2020.

During the consultation period the Government introduced Lockdown measures which curbed the ability of some consultees to respond.


In the light of this, South Hams District Council have decided, in consultation with South Huish Parish Council, to reopen the consultation which will now take place between 11 May 2020 and 22 June 2020.

Examiner's Report and Decision (Reg 18)